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Sharp People is a relationship driven, ethical consultancy, fostering meaningful and long-term connections. We familiarise ourselves with clients’ business, culture, and teams, tailoring our service to fill talent gaps, and offer solutions.
Through our commitment to excellence, we utilise our extensive network built through over 15 years of ICT industry experience. This fosters our ability to develop specific and adapted solutions, to your talent acquisition concerns. Sharp People goes beyond recruitment and is dedicated to the long-lasting success of your team. Your success is our business.


We recognise the value of our candidates, as the core of our organisation. We are dedicated to ensuring the success of our candidates in both a short- and long-term capacity. At Sharp People, we pride ourselves in delivering the optimal candidate experience. We ensure that candidates experience clarity and communication at every step of the employment process. Hiring stakeholders, role objectives & remuneration packages, career mapping, & most importantly, feedback are always communicated to ensure candidate certainty. We strive to build with you on your career journey, through our services built on passion and ethics. We recognise that our candidates are our future clients.


Sharp People will successfully fulfil your varying need for Tech Talent. Whether short-term contracts, or a team of contractors are in demand for a project, our network will fill the skills lacking. Sharp People is accustomed to remedying talent shortages, for a variety of clients requiring technical or business transformation. Our dedication to providing expert service from experienced professionals, remains steadfast in an ever-changing IT contracting market. Our accomplished IT recruitment specialists are accustomed to a variety of short to mid-term, long-term and fixed-term engagements Our contractor management solutions allow businesses to focus on what they do well, while guaranteeing full compliance.

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Your success is our business.
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When connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and put in our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organisation. So, if you are looking for a consultancy that can ensure the creation of a purposeful, long lasting team- let’s talk!