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Sharp People

About Us

Sharp People's vision is to aid clients in cultivating a high-performing team with longevity and purposeful culture. We entrench ourselves in the needs of both clients and candidates to offer an ethical and exceptional service underpinned by respect. 

Sharp People was established by Lauren Sharp, in 2019.

Lauren has had over eighteen years of experience in recruitment and talent acquisition, including managerial roles at multinational companies.

Sharp People has swiftly flourished into a small, focused team, specialising in creating long and purposeful relationships with clients, candidates, and prospective candidates.

Offering talent acquisition consulting services and innovative tech recruitment, no matter the size or maturity of your organisation, Sharp People offer tailored solutions to talent problems.

Our Values

Who is Lauren?

Lauren has a wealth of experience in the recruitment and talent acquisition industries, spanning over 15 years

With over 15 years of experience in the recruitment and talent industries, Lauren has garnered a wealth of knowledge and insight. Her years as a professional in the SAP, ICT, and Professional Services sectors, have provided Lauren with a versatile network, aiding in talent solutions.

Lauren’s ability to foster meaningful relationships, and immerse herself in clients’ company culture, are what enable her success in the talent acquisition industry.

Lauren’s career recruitment career began in the SAP arena and has expanded over time to adjust to emerging Digital, Cloud, Security, PMO, and Mobile technologies. Lauren brings experience, knowledge, passion, and ethics to ensure the perfect match for both client and candidate is achieved.

Lauren is an accomplished female entrepreneur, whose innovation and dedication to the talent industry are demonstrated through her co-business ventures, TaPod, and the Internal Talent Awards.


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