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November 29, 2022

TaPod is the “Leader in its Field” podcast series in Australia focusing on talent acquisition, recruitment and sourcing & featuring industry leaders, latest trends, insights, and challenges.

Speaking with talent experts, industry vendors and thought leaders, TaPod explores challenges, changes and confusion in an industry that is crying out for a voice. TaPod hosts, Lauren and Craig are informative, a little controversial, with a touch of crazy.

TaPod is based out of Melbourne, Australia and has global coverage, and is listened to in 102 countries and 2,500 cities worldwide.

Lauren has rich experience in talent acquisition and recruitment and is a seasoned professional in the area of talent sourcing, management and consultancy. Lauren isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions and can take topics down that rabbit hole, and is positioned as an industry thought leader, particularly around the issue of diversity hiring (or lack thereof).

Co-host Craig Watson has over 20 years of a proven track record in the talent acquisition & recruitment industry across Australia, UK & Asia. He has consulted to leading organisations in recruitment solutions strategy across a breadth of industries – aligning expectation with reality. The combination of Craig’s practical business experience, and vivacious personality, allow him to tackle difficult conversation, through a relatable and lively lens.

Lauren and Craig met in late 2019 and started TaPod shortly after. Their unique friendship dynamic and mutual love for the talent acquisition industry, was the beginning of a perfect podcasting match. TaPod was created as a space to give a voice to industry leaders, provide commentary on relevant issues effecting talent acquisition professionals, and act as a means to connect the industry.

Being Lauren & Craig’s passion project, they are very proud to have achieved over 525,000 individual downloads. TaPod is also ranked in the top 5 HR & Recruitment podcasts within Australia, top 10 in the UK & top 50 Globally. TaPod is available on ten streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Overcast, iHeart Radio, Castro, Castbox, Pocket Casts, Podfriend, and RSS Feed.

A sense of connection and friendship is something that Lauren and Craig have been committed to conveying, particularly during the tumultuous times of COVID and lockdowns.

Also born out of the uncertainty of 2020, was the Internal Talent Awards. The TaPod duo are the hosts of the biggest awards night in the talent acquisition industry, featuring 16 awards, and in 2022, yielded 400 industry guests.

Given the success of their dynamic partnership, Lauren and Craig are Launching their third joint business venture- TaHub.

TaHub is the one-stop platform that gives talent acquisition professionals access to dedicated online TA training, up-to-date industry news, specialist TA & recruitment jobs, a calendar of industry events, blogs, podcasts and other resources, and a marketplace of valued partners. Designed to support you in your TA journey, TaHub membership provides you with everything you need to be successful in your TA career.